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European Patent Applications (ex-PCT)

Do you have a pending international patent application (PCT) that you wish to convert into a patent in Europe? We can handle the filing and prosecution of your application during the European regional phase.

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If you have an invention, be it a new product or process, then it may well be patentable, and Albright IP are here to ensure that you maximise the protection available for your invention.

Introduction to European Patents

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European Patent Applications (ex-PCT)

An ex-PCT European patent application is a means of obtaining patent protection in some or all of the 30+ contracting states of the European Patent Convention ("EPC"). Click here to see the countries covered by a European patent. Alternatively, click here to see a map of the European patent countries

By filing a single patent application stemming from the international PCT application, all of these countries that were signatories at the time of filing your international patent application can be covered simultaneously. 

The European patent attorneys of Albright IP have many years of experience successfully prosecuting patent applications before the European Patent Office ("EPO"). We can cost-effectively and proactively represent you before the EPO, guiding you with clear and straightforward advice every step of the way.

European Patent Filing

Unlike many patent attorney firms, Albright IP uses a secure online filing system for ex-PCT European patent applications. Not only is safe receipt of your European patent application at the EPO cofirmed immediately, the online filing system also provides a reduction in the official fees, which we pass on to you. 

International Patent Application Conversion Deadline

The deadline for converting your international patent application into a European patent application is 31 months (not 30 months as with many countries) from the earliest "priority date" (or "filing date", if priority is not claimed).

If this deadline is missed, it may still be possible to enter the European stage up to 2 months late. However, extra official fees are required.


The requirements for entry into the European regional phase (sometimes called European national stage) typically comprise:

Specific fee reductions may be available depending on the circumstances. For example, the European search fee is reduced if the International Search Authority (the official body that carried out the search during the international phase) is the US Patent and Trademark Office.

How can I reduce my European patent costs?

We are happy to advise on ways to reduce your costs. For example, did you know that official fees are payable on all claims above 15? These additional fees run to several hundred Euros per claim. Further extra official fees are incurred for pages over 35.   

Therefore, it is usually advisable to review your claims and to try and slim them down to a strong core of only fifteen. This will save money without compromising your scope of protection.

Patent Translation

If you require a translation of your international patent application as mentioned above, we are able to offer competitive translation costs using only vetted professional translation firms experienced in patents and patent specific terminology.

Albright IP has established strong working relationships with several leading translation firms, which are able to provide a quick turn-around. We can handle the preparation of the translation for you as part of our filing service. Please just ask for further details.

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