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European Patent Validation

Has your European patent just granted or is it about to grant? We can arrange for your patent to take full legal effect in any one or more of the European countries designated at the date of filing of the European patent application.

Once a European patent is granted, it must be validated in the various countries of interest, where protection is sought. The available countries must be selected from those countries, or contracting states, designated at the time of filing the European patent application. ‘Validation’ is an administrative procedure and involves the filing of claims translations and the payment of the grant and printing fees, that is, the official fees regarding the grant of the European patent application.

What is the deadline for completing validation?

Validation must be completed within 3 months (although Ireland is 6 months) from the date on which the grant of the European patent is mentioned. If Validation is not undertaken in a particlar country, then the European patent cannot be enforced in that country - it is thus important that the deadline is not missed!

How do I validate my European Patent?

Albright Patents LLP will handle the whole validation process for you, expertly and cost-effectively. Just instruct us with your list of countries and your European patent number. It couldn't be easier.

The specific requirements for Validation vary on a country-by-country basis. Typically, a trusted local patent attorney should be appointed as representative before the national intellectual property office, and a professional translation of the full specification or just the claims is generally required.

Professional Patent Translation

During national Validation, many countries require a translation of the granted European patent into their national language, especially if their national language is not English, French or German. 

Prior to the introduction of the London Agreement in May 2008, the requirement was for the whole specification to be translated into the national language, which was particularly costly. The London Agreement is an agreement aimed at reducing the translation costs of European patents when being validated post-grant.

Several countries require no translation, whereas, on the other hand, some countries still require a full translation to be filed. There are two further categories – those countries requiring a translation of the claims only (to the national language) and those countries requiring a translation of the claims into their national language and the description into English (if the European patent application was prosecuted in French or German).

Albright Patents LLP can assist with the translation requirements and can manage the process for you.

Why use Albright Patents LLP to validate your patent?

Albright Patents LLP offers competitive translation costs using only expert professional translation firms experienced in patents and patent law terminology. It is critical to your patent protection that the highest quality translations are obtained.

We have long and established relationships with several leading translation firms, which are able to turn around work quickly, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. If you require any translations as part of your Validation procedure, please do let us know and we will take you through the next steps.

We also have highly competent European Associates in each European country, who work with us on a daily basis validating patents and attending to our clients needs.

Albright Patents LLP offers a quick and simple one stop shop catering to all your Validation requirements in a cost-effective manner. 

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